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Student Assemblies (45-50 minutes)

Student assemblies are an ideal way to have students gather and learn about special topics that are central to their lives. Our qualified presenters come to your school and present to your students on topics such as:

Bullying/Cyber-bullying - This assembly teaches students the negative effects of bullying and cyber-bullying. Students will learn specific strategies to cope with bullying, prevent bullying, and create a safe community within their school.

Guiding Tweens -  Guiding Tweens is an assembly created specifically for students in grades 5-7. Students will learn about topics that are unique to the transitional time they are experiencing. Topics included in this presentation are Transitioning to Middle/High School, Peer Pressure, Internet Safety, Responsibility and Character, just to name a few.

Winning Teens - The Winning Teens assembly addresses issues and topics that the average middle school and high school student will encounter as they take the next big step in their life. Developed for students in grades 8-12, Winning Teens will discuss  Character Development, College Readiness, Financial Literacy, and Career Exploration,   among other topics relevant to teenage students.