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Guiding Tweens


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Guiding Tweens

This program provides children (5th through 7th grade) with counseling & academic services which successfully guide them through the challenging pre-teen years. This program is both interactive and personalized for each child. This program also guides students through a series of weekly lessons tailored to their specific needs. Monthly progress reports are provided each month to every parent. Weekly counseling and coaching sessions with a "Credentialed Counselor" are an integral part of this program. (It's like hiring a personal coach for your child)

The Guiding Tweens Program

  • Financial Literacy (Allowances & Savings)
  • Responsibility: (Chores & Homework)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Bullying Basics
  • Social Media and Peer Pressure
  • College Readiness

Also available are:
Student workshops (45 minutes)
Parent workshops (60-90 minutes)