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Home Schooling


Home Schooling

Our Professional Tutors can assist homeschooling in several ways:

  • Curriculum Instruction: Teaching the curriculum on a daily basis -- Full-time.
  • Courses: Teaching only selected courses of the curriculum -- Part-time.
  • Concepts: Teaching only selected concepts or topics from a course -- Part time.
  • Resource Teacher: Assisting the parent as a consultant, teaching learning styles, monitoring, and assessing the student.

Those parents who want to educate their children through homeschooling have many viable options. We recommend they contact one of many resources for Homeschooling. We recommend the following resource to obtain valuable information for your children.

Laurel Springs School - A Tradition in Independent Study An accredited independent study program for grades K-12 offering exceptional teacher services, high school diplomas, and a full range of Web-based and or text-based special needs, honors, UC and NCAA approved courses. Course credits are transferable, and students may enroll in their program at any time of year. You may reach them at 800-377-5890, or at


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