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School/District Online Tutoring Programs

Professional Tutors of America provides innovative, online, live tutoring programs that represent a true extension of the classroom.  We work closely with schools and school districts to deliver online tutoring programs that are customized to fit the specific needs of partner’s student populations and overall district learning and achievement initiatives.

Live online tutoring provides an interactive environment that enables two-way dialog between a live tutor and a virtual student by harnessing the potential of the internet and web applications like chat, instant messaging, and virtual whiteboard technology.

Students enjoy the 1 to 1 individualized attention they receive from our network of experienced, professional tutors.  We take the time to measure student achievement and satisfaction every stop of the way to ensure our programs are making a real and measured impact.

The programs are suitable for 3rd-12th grade students, and are offered in Math, Science, Reading/Language Arts, Social Studies, and State Test Preparation.

Our implementation strategy provides the necessary infrastructure to ensure the online program is a success.  Here are the highlights of the program components:

  1. Pre-Diagnostic Benchmark Testing – We can administer an online Pre-diagnostic exam in order to have a starting point to measure student progress, and to identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses.  Or, schools can provide the results from an existing test or state exam to measure against.
  2. Align Programs to School Needs  -  Our program managers work with you to provide customized solutions that align with district initiatives and your specified scope and sequence.
  3. Customize a master  schedule – We map out tutoring programs in advance to ensure all learning objectives are addressed.
  4. Develop Learning Plans for Individual students – An ILP will outline which learning objectives the tutoring lessons will focus on to maximize academic achievement.
  5. Provide Daily Attendance Reports & Weekly Individual Student Progress Reports – Program managers provide up-to-date analysis of student progress to help teachers and administrators in developing overarching student achievement plans.
  6. Schedule Formative Assessments – We administer regular formative assessments to ensure students are absorbing key concepts.
  7. Ongoing 24/7 Program Support – Teachers can provide specific instructions before tutoring sessions or trouble shoot technical problems with our 24/7 program support services.
  8. Post-Diagnostic Online Assessment –  Programs conclude with a post-diagnostic exam to ensure our online tutoring helped in driving student achievement and to measure the student’s gains.
  9. Individual Student Achievement Analysis – We analyze individual student achievement to provide the necessary data to plan for future student gains.

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