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Student Workshops

Student Workshops (45-50 minutes)

Student workshops further engage students through discussion and interaction in smaller group sizes. When participating in a workshop, students will work with our qualified instructors, taking a hands-on approach to understand topics that will help them become successful and well-rounded. Student workshops are ideal for clubs and student leadership groups. Our workshops can focus on a number of topics:

Bullying/Cyber-bullying – Student leaders will likely be faced with situations involving bullies and this workshop will arm them with knowledge and strategies to solve problems among their peers. Through role-playing activities and discussion, all students who participate will learn to stand up and become advocates for their classmates.

Guiding Tweens – Students will work on important skills like Conflict Resolution and Financial Literacy through discussion and activities that illustrate important concepts.

Winning Teens – The Winning Teens workshop allows students to practice skills that can give them a “reality check” for their future. By learning about college entrance exams, college applications, and career exploration through hands-on activities, students will feel confident and prepared moving past high school. This workshop is ideal for both college-bound students and students who are unsure of their path after high school.