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A child's teenage years can be the best of times and in some cases, the worst of times. The Winning Teens Program was developed in order to serve this population and the many challenges a teenager faces throughout junior high school, high school and their first two years of college. This Program also addresses the many challenges a teenager faces when entering the workforce today. It establishes a team of professionals, including an Achievement Counselor, who will monitor, counsel, and coach the teenager throughout these years.

Achievement Counselor

The Achievement Counselor is both an educational and career coach. Their main objective is to have students highly engaged in school and motivated to build a future in a career that matches their strengths. The Achievement Counselor will link the student's parent/guardian, school, and academic tutor together to create a team that is involved in building a successful student. The Achievement Counselor is the primary member of a team of professionals including Credentialed Counselors, School Psychologists, Special Education Consultants, and Teachers. The Achievement Counselor will contact each child on a weekly basis. The team of professionals will monitor the teenager's progress twice each year.


  • Includes all Assessments:
  • Academic
  • Career
  • Vocational
  • Personality
    • Parental Intervention
    • Online Curriculum
    • Engaged Activities
    • Monthly Reports

    (Program is year-round including summer)

     There are 6 key components to the Program.

    1. Positive Character Development
    Teens receive the fundamental life-skills and personal-development philosophies for success in school and in life. Teens learn they can create any life they want, no matter how difficult it may seem, by understanding how small, positive steps make a difference over time. Our mission is to encourage teens to do simple things and little disciplines that can lead them to make their dreams come true.

    2. High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE/SAT/ACT) Preparation
    We help teens prepare to pass the High School Exit Exam and prepare them for the SAT or ACT by completing weekly online lessons. Each lesson combines text along with coordinated video resources to better accommodate audio/visual learners and maximize learning for students with different learning styles. Students complete at least one hour a week of online tutoring in order to pass the High School Exit Exam or to prepare for the SAT. Since the lessons are online, they provide maximum control and convenience for teens.

    3. Financial Literacy
    Teens learn how to get started with money management. From understanding how money works, to creating a money toolkit, to uncovering tips for keeping track of their finances, teens understand how good money management holds the key for financial success. The lessons include a number of hands-on participant activities.

    4. Career Exploration
    Resources are used to equip youth with the necessary tools to smoothly transition to adulthood and secure employment. Teens will be able to assess their skills and consider job and career options by using our online assessments and employment resources.

    5. Living Skills
    Teens are introduced to basic life and survival skills which are often not taught in school. The Achievement Counselor will review a variety of life skills geared towards adulthood. For example, teens learn a variety of skills such as personal healthcare, maintaining a car/home, and obtaining a passport.

    6. College Guidance
    Teens will be assessed and prepared to choose the best College/University. They will acquire the knowledge to apply to public and private Colleges or Universities. Teens will also acquire the knowledge to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) through a series of workshops. Our teens will be aware of the college and scholarship deadlines.


    For more information, please View the Brochure and Program Summary at the top of this page.
    Also, contact us at anytime at (800) 832-2487 and ask to speak with one of our Achievement Counselors!