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If you have the desire to help children improve their academic performance and self-esteem, consider becoming a tutor with Professional Tutors of America, Inc.

Great reasons to tutor with Professional Tutors of America:

1. To make an impact in students’ lives
2. To enjoy a flexible schedule that you are in control of
3. To earn excellent pay, working close to home

About Us

Professional Tutors of America, Inc. is a privately owned corporation which offers tutoring services at all levels. Since our incorporation in 1983, we have attracted many highly talented and motivated instructors from the education and business communities. At most schools, the students are in an environment of 25 or more students. With Professional Tutors of America, each student receives the individual attention of the tutor. Our tutors evaluate each students’ strengths and weaknesses, in order to determine the most effective method of instruction. Additionally, each tutor shapes the instructional materials and curriculum to the needs of the individual student.

Tutor Positions

Our tutoring positions are part-time, and allow you the flexibility to schedule your own hours (frequently in the early evening or weekends). This allows you to continue with other employment or independent tutoring, and the tutoring assignments are always close to home. We can structure the amount of student assignments based on your time schedule and availability.

Steps to apply for a Professional Tutor position:

1. Download and complete the Skills and Placement Schedule
2. Prepare a copy of your Resume
3. Create a 30-60 second video* of yourself. We suggest using a cell phone so the video resume is easily transferred by email. Please include:

  • Name
  • Educational Background
  • Qualifications and Relevant experience
  • Why should Professional Tutors of America hire you?

4. Email both documents (Placement Schedule and Resume) and your video resume to employment@professionaltutors.com

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