School Districts

Professional Tutors of America currently contracts with over 300 school districts and charter schools throughout California.  We provide support for students in many different programs in both Regular and Special Education.  We have extensive experience serving the following populations:

  • Intervention for Reading and/or Mathematics
  • Title I Programs
  • English Language Development Programs
  • Foster Youth
  • McKinney Vento
  • Native Americans
  • Probation Youth
  • Pregnant Teens
  • GED Preparation

Our programs are offered at all times – During the school day, after school, evenings, weekends, intersessions, and during the summer break.  Services can be provided at the student’s home, local library, or virtually via Zoom, whichever the parent/guardian prefers.

Our tutors, teachers, and therapists are highly qualified Credentialed Teachers, Licensed Therapists, and College Graduates who are specialists in their respective areas and levels of education.  Our tutor staff includes bilingual tutors and tutors with backgrounds in Special Education.  All of our providers are subject to the same Background Check and Screening Process as Public School District Employees – including a LiveScan through CA DOJ/FBI and providing a negative TB Test.

For all new Requests for Contracts, please contact Robert Gordon, CEO at 714-784-3454.

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